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HKUST is a university dedicated to the advancement of learning and scholarship in fields related to science and technology. Our campus occupies a beautiful 60-hectare site on the northern end of Clear Water Bay Peninsula in South China, with unobstructed panoramic views of the sea. The University employs a diverse international faculty, all of whom hold a PhD, to teach students from all over the world. The medium of instruction for almost all courses is English. Despite its short history (we first opened in 1991), HKUST has amassed an impressive record of achievements, and is now well known outside Hong Kong for its prowess in many fields of research. For applicants from Mainland China, we offer you the unique opportunity of experiencing life in an international learning environment and culture without leaving your country.
Because of ... our professors

All 36 full-time faculty members in the department are physics professors, with their PhD conferred by world-renowned universities (e.g. UC Berkeley, Princeton, MIT, Cornell, Oxford, UC Santa Barbara, UC Los Angeles). They are well-experienced instructors who use innovative and interactive teaching skills in both classrooms and laboratories. The department has gained world recognition for its research achievements. Our professors publish in the top-quality international journals (e.g. Nature, Science, Nature Materials, Physical Review Letters, Applied Physics Letters). Twelve of them are American Physical Society (APS) Fellows, and one of them is a The Optical Society (OSA) Fellow.

Because of ... our outside-the-classroom activities

To keep pace with the fast-moving era of information and technology, it is important for our students to be adaptable and able to self-learn irrespective of their career goals. Traditional classroom learning is effective only in one-way delivery of knowledge; we believe that self-learning skills are best acquired through outside-the-classroom activities. Over the years, the Physics Department has developed various training programs and activities for our students that serve this purpose. Since these activities are founded on our strengths in academic research and science education, our students are exposed to the frontiers of physics research and education reform in Hong Kong. As we are committed to every student we admit, a wide spectrum of activities is available to ensure that each student can always find a suitable project. Nevertheless, this comprehensive approach does not compromise our attention to the most gifted students, who will find exciting learning opportunities in the Overseas Exchange ProgramResearch Project Courses, Research Scholarships, and other extracurricular activities. As a result of our commitment to top-quality education, the department has attracted the best local high school graduates, including the gold and silver medalists of the International Physics Olympiad.

And ... much more

Beautiful campus, rich collection in library, excellent sports facilities, attractive student quarters, convenient location...