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Undergraduate (UG) Admission
Postgraduate (PG) Admission
Postgraduate (PG) Admissions
The Physics Department offers the following research-based postgraduate programs: MPhil in Physics, PhD in Physics, and MPhil and PhD in Nano Science and Technology.
The MPhil in Physics program aims at providing students with broad training that emphasizes the development of critical thinking and problem-solving skills.  The PhD in Physics program aims at providing research-oriented education for students interested in pursuing their long-term careers in basic and/or applied physics.  It prepares students for worldwide competition and broad horizons in their career choices. 
Postgraduate scholarships are provided to qualified full-time research postgraduate students. The awards of the scholarships are based on academic merit and the suitability of the applicant for the proposed program of study, as is the selection of applicants for admission to postgraduate studies.  Recipients of studentships are required to engage in ancillary teaching and research duties in the Department. 

Our postgraduate programs are backed up by a strong team of faculty members, who specialize in a variety of research interests.  The research programs at the Physics Department cover not only traditional physics disciplines, such as condensed matter physics and high energy physics, but also biological physics, mesoscopic physics, computational physics, quantum physics, photonics, cold atoms,  soft matters and nanomaterials science and technology. Read more in the research section

Joining the Department of Physics as a postgraduate student is an exciting prospect. The Department has received world recognition for its research breakthroughs. The strong research culture within the Department, and the university as a whole, has encouraged such success, with frequent collaborations between experimental and theoretical faculty members.
The Department has 111 research postgraduate students in 2017. Overseas research exchange awards and Hong Kong PhD Fellowships have provided tremendous opportunities to our postgraduate students. To recognize the outstanding research achievement of research postgraduate students (RPg), the School of Science and the Department of Physics have established Research Awards for RPgs since 2011/12. Each year, about 3-4 students receive the awards. 
Application and Admission Requirements
Applicants for postgraduate programs in the Department of Physics are expected to meet the general admission requirements for graduate programs and should possess a good honors degree in physics or related fields. Applicants whose first language is not English and whose degree or equivalent qualification was awarded by an institution where the medium of instruction was not English will also have to meet the English language requirements.
Selection for admission will be based on academic records and available results of standardized tests in physics, proficiency in the English language, letters of reference and a personal interview at the discretion of the Department.
Please refer to the website of the Office of Postgraduate Studies for details of admission requirements and application procedure.