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XU Qin 許欽
PhD, University of Chicago
Assistant Professor
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Tel 2358 8591
Email qinxu
Office Room 4479
Dr. Qin Xu obtained his BA degree from Fudan University in 2008 and MA degree from New York University in 2010. He completed his PhD in physics at the University of Chicago in 2015.  After leaving Chicago, he spent one year as a postdoc associate in the Soft Matter Lab at Yale University. In the summer of 2016, he moved to Switzerland together with the group to build the Laboratory of Soft and Living Materials at ETH Zurich. Since February 2020, Dr. Xu joined the Department of Physics at HKUST as an assistant professor.

Professor Xu’s research focuses on physics of soft matters. The two main research fields are dynamics of complex fluids and interfacial mechanics of soft materials. The group combines high-precision mechanical tests and advanced imaging technique to study a broad range of materials, including soft polymeric gels, dense suspensions, composite soft solids and bio-inspired materials.

Research Areas
Experimental soft matter physics, mechanics of soft materials, complex rheology
Representative Publications
  • Qin Xu, Katharine E. Jensen, Rostislav Boltyanskiy, Raphael Sarfati, Robert Style, and Eric R. Dufresne, Direct measurements of surface stress of stretched soft solids, Nature Communications 8, 55(2017)
  • Qin Xu, Lang Feng, Ruojie Sha, Nadrian C. Seeman and Paul M. Chaikin, Subdiffusion of a Sticky Particle on a Surface, Phys. Rev. Lett., 106, 228102 (2011)
  • Qin Xu, Robert W. Style and Eric. R. Dufresne, Surface Elastic Constants of a Soft Solid, Soft Matter 14, 916-920 (2018)
  • Ivo R. Peters, Qin Xu and Heinrich M. Jaeger, Splashing onset in dense suspension droplets, Phys. Rev. Lett.,111, 028301 (2013)
  • Qin Xu, Nikolai Oudalov, Qiti Guo, Heinrich M. Jaeger and Eric Brown, Effect of oxidation on the mechanical properties of liquid gallium and eutectic gallium-indium, Physics of Fluids, 24, 063101 (2012)
  • Luuk A. Lubbers, Qin Xu, Sam Wilken, Wendy W. Zhang and Henrich M. Jaeger, Dense Suspension Splat: Monolayer Spreading and Hole Formation after Impact, Phys. Rev. Lett. 113, 044502 (2014
  • Ivo R. Peters, Qin Xu and Heinrich M. Jaeger, Splashing onset in dense suspension droplets, Phys. Rev. Lett.,111, 028301 (2013)
  • Katharine E. Jensen, Robert Style, Qin Xu and Eric R. Dufresne, Strain-dependent solid surface stress and the stiffness of soft contacts, Phys. Rev. X, 7, 041031 (2017)
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