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LEI Shiming 雷世明
PhD, The Pennsylvania State University
Assistant Professor
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Tel 2358 7529
Email phslei
Office Room 4482
Dr. Shiming Lei obtained his BS degree in physics from Harbin Institute of Technology in 2009. After a short research experience as an exchange student from 2011 to 2012, he was admitted to the PhD program in Materials Science and Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University and obtained his PhD degree in 2017. After that, he joined the Department of Chemistry at Princeton University as a postdoc, working with Prof. Leslie Schoop. At the end of 2020, he moved to Rice University, and worked as a research scientist in the Department of Physics and Astronomy with Prof. Emilia Morosan. Since April 2023, Dr. Shiming Lei has become an Assistant Professor in the Department of Physics at The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, where he is leading the Integrated Laboratory for Quantum Materials and Devices.
Research Areas
Dr. Lei's research mission is to identify and develop novel quantum materials that host emergent electronic or magnetic properties. Of particular interest are solid-state materials with a strong interplay between spin, orbital, charge, and topology degrees of freedom. The materials properties that he is interested in include the correlated behavior in topological materials, real-space spin texture in magnetic materials, geometrical phase and their manifestation in electrical response, tunability in properties via external stimuli (field, heat, stress, etc), and nanofabrication of quantum devices. His research is at the intersection of condensed matter physics, materials science, and solid-state chemistry, and benefits largely from a closed feedback-loop of materials growth, properties characterization, and functionality tuning. The ultimate goal is to achieve rational design of quantum materials towards properties on demand. To this end, he is also focused on training the next generation of innovative scientists, aiming to foster an exciting and diverse environment that is conducive to learning, creativity, and scientific independence.
Representative Publications
1. "Weyl nodal ring states and Landau quantization with very large magnetoresistance in square-net magnet EuGa4", 

Shiming Lei*, Kevin Allen, Jianwei Huang, Jaime M. Moya, Brian Casas, Yichen Zhang, Donghui Lu, Makoto Hashimoto, Jonathan Denlinger, Luis Balicas, Ming Yi, Yan Sun*, and Emilia Morosan*,  Nature Communications, 14, 5812 (2023).

(*corresponding author)

2. "Incommensurate magnetic orders and topological Hall effect in the square-net centrosymmetric EuGa2Al2 system"  

Jaime M. Moya, Shiming Lei*, Eleanor M. Clements, Caitlin S. Kengle, Stella Sun, Kevin Allen, Qizhi Li, Y. Y. Peng, Ali A. Husain, Matteo Mitrano, Matthew J. Krogstad, Raymond Osborn, Anand B. Puthirath, Songxue Chi, L. Debeer-Schmitt, J. Gaudet, P. Abbamonte, Jeffrey W. Lynn, and E. Morosan*, Physical Review Materials, 6, 074201 (2022). 

(*corresponding author)

3. "Band Engineering of Dirac Semimetals using Charge Density Waves"

Shiming Lei, Samuel M. L. Teicher, Andreas Topp, Kehan Cai, Jingjing Lin, Guangming Cheng, Tyger H. Salters, Fanny Rodolakis, Jessica L. McChesney, Saul Lapidus, Nan Yao, Maxim Krivenkov, Dmitry Marchenko, Andrei Varykhalov, Christian R. Ast, Roberto Car, Jennifer Cano, Maia G. Vergniory, Ong N. Phuan, and Leslie M. Schoop, Advanced Materials, 33, 2101591 (2021).

4. "Complex magnetic phases enriched by charge density waves in the topological semimetals GdSbxTe2−x−δ" 

Shiming Lei, Audrey Saltzman, and Leslie M. Schoop, Phys. Rev. B, 103, 134418 (2021).

5. "High mobility in a van der Waals layered antiferromagnetic metal" 

Shiming Lei, Jingjing Lin, Yanyu Jia, Mason Gray, Andreas Topp, Gelareh Farahi, Sebastian Klemenz, Tong Gao, Fanny Rodolakis, Jessica L McChesney, Christian R Ast, Ali Yazdani, Kenneth S. Burch, Sanfeng Wu, N. Phuan Ong, and Leslie M. Schoop,  Science Advances 6, eaay6407 (2020).

6. "Charge Density Waves and Magnetism in Topological Semimetal Candidates GdSbxTe2-x-δ" 

Shiming Lei, Viola Duppel, Judith M. Lippmann, Jürgen Nuss, Bettina V. Lotsch, and Leslie M. Schoop, Advanced Quantum Technologies 2, 1900045 (2019).

7. "Observation of Quasi-Two-Dimensional Polar Domains and Ferroelastic Switching in a Metal, Ca3Ru2O7" 

Shiming Lei, Mingqiang Gu, Danilo Puggioni, Greg Stone, Jin Peng, Jianjian Ge, Yu Wang, Baoming Wang, Yakun Yuan, Ke Wang, Zhiqiang Mao, James M. Rondinelli, and Venkatraman Gopalan, Nano Letters 18, 3088–3095 (2018).

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